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The Bounce Workshop Charity

Learn About Us

We were established in 2011 by our founder Edward Pisani Jr., whose desire was to build a better community by addressing some of it’s unmet needs. He wanted to help the unprivileged at-risk youth and various community organizations to assist them all to reach their full potential.

Our charity tries to help meet the unmet needs – no matter how big or how small our efforts are because we know it does make a difference. Understanding this, cemented our founder’s vision, which eventually led him to establish what is today called the Bounce Workshop Life Readiness Series

We are here to help people.

About Us – Bounce Marketing Foundation in Deltona, Florida…

Our Mission Statement – Since 2011

Bounce Workshop’s mission is to provide educational workshops, leadership development consultations, and community outreach programs that enhance and improve our community. We collaborate with community leaders and other nonprofit groups to provide resources that increase and enhance organizations capability to improve the quality of life in the local communities.

Our Vision Statement – Since 2013

The vision of the Bounce Workshop is to improve the quality of life for people in our community while making it all possible from our donor support.

Our Core Values – Since 2016

Attentative – Caring – Communicative – Committed – Efficient – Honest – Innovative – Effective

FAQ About Us… What are your free workshops really about?

Our at-risk youth workshops are designed primary for high school youth and young adults.  These young people maybe in foster care system, have a learning disablility, been in the prison system, low income, been homeless at some point, are or have been pregnant,  from a single parent household or raised by a grandparent, and the list goes on.  Whatever their story is or was – we are proud of every youth that comes and participates in our life changing program.

This Work-Life Readiness Workshops covers alot of topics, such as: Professionalism; Teamwork; Leadership; Management Concepts; Frugal Living; Introduction to Entrepreneurship;  Business Planning; Life Planning; Career Planning; Financial Education; Personal Development as well as Professional Development; Public Speaking; Resume Writing; Cover Lettering Writing; Interview Skills & Techniques and as well as other critical topics that are important to young people that may have missed these important concepts during their early life.

Our workshops are always free for young people to attend. We supply necessary materials are to the participants by our volunteer team.  Each volunteer is background checked and an expert in their given workshop topic.



Those wanting to improve themselves



At-Risk Teens & Young People

Other Charities

Other Charities

Those that help those in need

Meet Our Leadership.

Bounce Workshop is proud to share our Board Members:

Edward Pisani Sr. | Eddie Smith | Rodney Gray |  Jason Misla | Hannah Cruz | Jason Schuck | Patricia Pisani   

Aldis Grauds | Dale Vernezze | Keith Albright | Michelle Pisani | Steve Seigel          

Edward Pisani Jr. – Board Chairman

Josephine Trioani – Board Member Emeritus 

Patrick Madden – Honorary Board Member Emeritus

A successful person is motivated by: creating, achievement, continual growth, helping others, and always wanting to keep moving ahead. Never Stop Dreaming.

Edward Pisani Jr., Bounce Workshop’s Founder

Our Philosophy

We constantly reinforce in all daily decisions we make use the following reference points:

Number 1 – What is best for ‘you’ the client?

Number 2 – What is best for the community?

Number 3 – What is best for our organization?

We believe that if we start and end each day with this in mind, the desired outcomes will be achieved.

So give us a call and see if you would be an ideal volunteer in our charity workshops. We are always looking for community leaders to be guest speakers to inspire and motivate attendees at our one of a kind workshops

Develop Bounce Workshop’s role and image as the community’s expert resource for community development
Goal 1: Develop relationships with central Florida non-profit professionals
Goal 2: Develop relationships with central Florida small business entrepreneurs
Goal 3: Develop maintain and grow relationships with non-profit agencies / local businesses
Goal 4: Increase Bounce Workshop’s community presence
Goal 5: Create awareness of the signature programs offered by the Bounce Workshop Charity
Goal 6: Develop relationships with area media representatives

Initiate strategies that will result in increased giving and increased community impact
Goal 1: Establish an online training solution to inspire, educate, and that positively affect community development
Goal 2: Provide educational certifications to increase skills for individuals in the community
Goal 3: Increase the size and community awareness of the endowment fund

Build a sustainable community programs with a special focus on the Youth Workshops
Goal 1: Develop operations and systems to foster growth and increase its impact
Goal 2: Develop donor awareness for this program
Goal 3: Develop and strengthen marketing strategies
Goal 4: Engage with other community organizations leaders and stay up on best practices
Goal 5: Ensure a safe and controlled learning atmosphere for youth
Goal 6: Develop a Recruitment/Retention Plan for existing programs

Increase social, cultural, and economic vitality in the community
Goal 1: Increase opportunities for participation in community activities
Goal 2: Increase opportunities for residents of all ages to participate in the arts.
Goal 3: Support the increase of educational and cultural venues.
Goal 4: Support initiatives that protect and improve our quality of life
Goal 5: Encourage partnering among clubs and organizations to optimize resources.

The Bounce Workshop Inc.

A 501c3 Charity based in Deltona Florida.

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